Take Out Menu


Caesar Romaine lettuce, croutons and Caesar
dressing topped with shaved Parmesan cheese 8.25
with chicken 10.95

The Sicilian Fresh greens with black olives, tomatoes, salami and shaved Parmesan.
Served with Italian dressing 8.95

Julienne Shredded lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, eggs, ham and Mozzarella,
Served with Italian dressing 8.25

Small chef  3.95

Large chef 6.25 with chicken 9.25


Specialty Pizzas

Under the Tuscan Sun
Our version of the Margherita – Bronzie’s homemade pesto with ripe tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh spinach
medium 13.95 large 16.95

Meat lovers pizza – pepperoni, Italian sausage and meatballs with tomato sauce and Mozzarella
medium 15.25 large 18.25

Pizza Bianca
White Sauce, Chicken, Bacon and Onions medium 15.95 large 19.95

Create your own pizza –
The Little Bronzie with pepperoni 7.95
Additional toppings 1.00 each
Specialty toppings 2.00 each

Medium Pizza with cheese 11.95
Additional toppings 1.25 each
Specialty toppings 2.50 each

Large Pizza with cheese 12.95
Additional toppings 1.50 each
Specialty toppings 3.00 each

Additional Toppings:
Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Green or Black Olives, Bacon, Mushrooms, Hot Peppers, Pineapple, Ham, Tomatoes, Anchovies, Spinach

Specialty Toppings:
Double Cheese, Feta, Meatballs, Italian Sausage

Fresh Pasta

Spaghetti Served al dente with our homemade tomato sauce 9.95
with meatballs… 13.25
with sausage… 13.95

Penne Served al dente with our homemade tomato sauce 9.95
with meatballs… 13.25
with sausage… 13.95

Cheese Ravioli Three cheese blend in pasta 11.95
with meatballs… 14.25
with sausage… 14.95

Gnocchi Potato filled pasta
– an Italian specialty 11.95
with meatballs… 14.25
with sausage… 14.95

Pesto Spaghetti or Penne … 14.95

Aglio or Olio…13.95

Spaghetti Bolognese… 13.95

Tortellini Savory, meat filled pasta 11.95
with meatballs… 13.95
with sausage… 14.95

*Add chicken to any of the above for an extra 4.00

All pasta dinners are served with chef salad, Italian dressing & bread

a Tavola

Chicken Parmesan Breast cutlet smothered in Bronzie’s homemade sauce and Mozzarella

Veal Parmesan Breaded and seasoned then covered with sauce and Mozzarella cheese
* All of the above dinners are served with chef salad and Italian dressing, spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh Italian bread

Bronzie’s Famous Lasagne
Classic Lasagne… Our authentic lasagne has seven layers of ground meats, cheeses and Bronzie’s special sauce in the ‘Emilia-Romagna’ style – the birthplace of lasagne




side of meatballs 3.25
side of sausage 4.25
Garlic bread 4.75
garlic bread with cheese 5.75
Bruschetta 6.75
antipasto 11.95
soup 4.75


bronzies wings 10.50
with fries 11.95

No breading wings 10.50
with fries 11.95


Meatball sub 7.25
mixed sub 6.75
Sausage on a bun 6.95
Veal on a bun 8.95
Chicken on a bun 8.95

Weekdays 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

1/2 order Penne or spaghetti,
1 meatball, pop or coffee 7.25

2 meatballs,
salad, pop or coffee 8.25

soup, salad, pop or coffee 8.25

8” mixed sub,
salad, pop or coffee 8.25

8” meatball sub,
salad, pop or coffee 9.25

Chicken on a bun,
soup or salad, pop or coffee 9.95

veal on a bun,
soup or salad, pop or coffee 9.95

Daily Specials – Lunch

Chicken Parmesan 10.95
Gnocchi and Meatballs 9.75

Lasagne 10.25
Rigatoni and Meatballs 8.95

Cheese Ravioli & Meatballs 9.75
Veal Parmesan 12.25

Cannelloni 10.25

Calamari and Linguini (Served with red clam sauce) 12.75
Linguini and Clam sauce 9.25

Daily Specials – Dinner

1lb of Wings 6.95
with fries 7.95

Combo Night (ask for details)

4 slice pepperoni pizza 5.95

Cannelloni 12.25

Calamari Linguini with Clam Sauce 16.25